Feelunique 12 Day 24 Day Beauty Advent Calendar Information


How do you open the boxes?

It’s best to open your calendar with the box lying flat on a surface, pulling out a numbered box and opening the lid. It’s also possible to open the lid without removing the numbered box.

Is it normal to see gaps between the boxes?

Yes! Due to the shape of the boxes, there may be small gaps in the folds or in-between compartments, this is perfectly normal and assists with the ease of opening the boxes.

How do I re-assemble my Advent Calendar?

The first diagram is for the 24 Day Beauty Advent Calendar and the second is for the 12 Day Beauty Advent Calendar.

Can I recycle my Advent Calendar?

The inner and outer boxes are manufactured using polypropylene (PP) lamination, which cannot be recycled. These can however be reused or repurposed!

Take extra care when handing your calendar, as the holographic paper can be easily scratched and bend if handled roughly.

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