Thomas Cook Gift Voucher

Please follow the steps below to activate and redeem your Thomas Cook Gift Voucher.
Click here or visit to redeem the code on your leaflet, enter your email address and the code to reveal your Feelunique Gift Voucher code, take note of this code and continue to the next step.
Take your newly generated Feelunique Gift Voucher code and click here or visit to activate the code.
Enter your Feelunique Gift Voucher code in the box and select 'Activate'.
Once activated your Gift Voucher will remain active for 30 minutes. Should this 30 minutes expire, please repeat this process to reactivate your Gift Voucher.
Proceed to place your order, once you reach the ‘Shopping Bag’ page click ‘Continue Checkout’ to view the ‘Order Summary’ page.

At the bottom of the ‘Order Summary’ page enter your Feelunique Gift Voucher code in the ‘Enter Gift Voucher’ box and select 'Redeem'.
Additionally you can review the helpful video below to guide you through these steps.
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