Order cancellation or change of address


Providing your order has not been despatched, you can:

  • Cancel your order
  • Change your delivery address

Click here to access you Feelunique account order history to manage your order. 

For more details on how to 'Manage my order' please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Click on ‘Welcome (Sign in)’ at the top left of our homepage and login to your account. If you are using our app please select '+More' and 'My Account'

  • Click on ‘My Orders’. If you are using a mobile device, please select 'Order & Subscriptions' then 'My Orders'


  • Select the relevant order number 
  • Choose from the 'Manage my order' drop down box


I'd like to cancel this order

After selecting 'I'd like to cancel this order' from the 'Manage my order' drop down. A request will be sent to the Customer Care Team and a confirmation email will be sent once the order is cancelled.


I'd like to change my delivery address

  • After selecting 'I'd like to change my delivery address' from the 'Manage my order' drop down. Enter your new address and then click on the 'Save Address' buttonChangeaddressjpg.jpg

A confirmation email will be sent once your address has been updated or we may contact you for additional information.

Please note if you request a change of address this may delay the despatch of your order.

Please note that if you'd like to update/change your delivery address (not for an existing order), you can do this by clicking here. This link will open your Feelunique Address Book, where you can add a new address or edit your existing address. You will need to log into your Feelunique Account in order to complete this process.



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