Feelunique Platinum


Feelunique Platinum is our free loyalty programme, where you receive exclusive benefits simply by being a member.

Join today and start benefiting from the following:

  • Platinum Rewards: Earn money-back vouchers which means the more you shop, the more you earn. You’ll receive your Platinum Rewards in the form of a Promotion Code or Gift Vouchers when you shop
  • Brand for Life: Choose your favourite brand and receive 10% off your chosen brand every time you shop, for life. You can update this every six months. Please click here to find out more about 10% off Brand for Life
  • Birthday Treat: You’ll receive a 20% off code three days before your birthday as an extra special treat

It is completely free to join, all you have to do is complete your Beauty Profile in your Feelunique account by following the simple steps below:

  • Click on 'Profile Builder' and complete your profile 

  • Select your chosen brand to receive 10% off. To find out more about 10% off Brand for Life please click here

  • And you’re in! Start collecting your rewards…

Platinum Rewards

Once you’ve joined Feelunique Platinum, we’ll add up your spend and when you reach each spend threshold, you’ll be rewarded.

You have 12 months to earn Platinum Rewards (Two £5 rewards and one £10 reward).

  • Spend £50+ and receive a £5 off Promotion Code to use for when you spend £30
  • Spend £150+ and receive £5 Gift Voucher to use on any spend
  • Spend £300+ and receive £10 Gift Voucher to use on any spend

Each time you earn all three Platinum Rewards within the 12 month period since joining Platinum, we’ll reset your Platinum Spend Balance back to zero so you can start earning your rewards all over again. There is no limit on how many times you can earn the three Platinum Rewards.

Feelunique Platinum Rewards will be issued once all orders, which qualify for a Platinum Reward, have been despatched.

If you are redeeming a Gift Voucher any redeemed value will not count towards your Platinum Spend Balance. The purchaser of the gift voucher will be credited for the Platinum Spend Balance. 

Receiving your Platinum Rewards

Registered Platinum Members will receive an email when a Platinum Reward has been earned.

You do not need to be opted in to receive emails to get your Platinum Reward.

Each Platinum Reward will be valid for 12 months from the date they are issued.

Platinum Anniversary

After 12 months of being a Platinum Member, your Platinum Spend Balance will reset so that you can begin earning your Platinum Rewards again.

Platinum Currency

The currency in which your first purchase is made as a Platinum Member is the currency that your Platinum Spend Balance will be measured, and the currency that your Platinum Rewards will be issued (your 'Platinum Currency').

If you make a purchase in a currency that differs to your Platinum Currency, your purchase will be converted into your default Platinum Currency for the purpose of calculating your Platinum Spend Balance.

We reserve the right to change the rates shown.

Please click here to find your Platinum Spend Balance.

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Please click here to see our terms and conditions for Feelunique Platinum.

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