Brexit: everything you need to know


There will be no change to how you shop from 1 January.  All our orders to EU countries will be delivered duty paid (DDP) and there will be no additional customs fees for you to pay.

Up until the 31st December 2020 orders fulfilled by Feelunique are despatched within the EU so you will not be charged any additional taxes or duties if you live in a member state of the EU.

For countries outside of EU you may be asked to pay customs import Tax or VAT charges if your order passes through your local customs office. Feelunique will not refund these charges as unfortunately, we have no control over these charges or the costs applicable as these vary from country to country.

We recommend you contact your local customs office to find out more about any possible charges you may be required to pay.

Please click here for additional information on Norwegian VAT/Customs charges.


The UK is due to formally leave the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union from 1 January 2021. While UK-EU negotiations are still ongoing, Feelunique is committed to continue offering a seamless service in the UK and across Europe.

This Q&A page is here to explain the changes that will take place and will be updated regularly to keep you informed at all time.

Will I still be able to order to Europe after Brexit?

Feelunique is taking every possible measure to ensure your shopping experience remains unaffected, you can still place your orders and shop as normal.  We will continuously review our prices to ensure we are offering all the brands our customers love at competitive prices. 

Will shipping and delivery times be affected by Brexit?

Feelunique is working hard to ensure that there is as little impact to orders following Brexit as possible. We will still have a wide range of delivery options for our European customers which are clearly displayed at checkout.

However, we anticipate some delays to delivery times to the EU due to additional customs procedures and pressures on our courier partners.

Will I be liable to pay duty or customs charges on my order?

Feelunique is committed to ensure the changing guidelines are followed and our offering to European customers remains competitive. All our orders to EU countries will be delivered duty paid (DDP) and there will be no additional customs fees for you to pay.

The usual duty and customs charges apply to orders delivered to other destinations.

Will the cost of returning increase for European customers after Brexit?

There will be no change to the cost or process of making a return following Brexit, regardless of where you're located.  EU law guarantees the same 14 days to return an unwanted online order as UK law, but you won’t be able to access the EU’s dispute resolution scheme. If you need help setting up your return, you can find more information here.


This information was last updated on the 23rd December 2020



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