We are conscious about our impact on the environment and have taken careful consideration when selecting our Feelunique packaging material.

  • The cardboard used in our packaging is 32% recycled paper and 100% recyclable
  • The paper comes from FSC certificated mills
  • The inks that are used to print the branded cartons are all water based inks and are environmentally friendly 
  • To protect the product in transit we use either a product called Korrvu® or air cushions
  • Korrvu® packaging can be easily recycled along with the cardboard boxes in the normal recycling stream and can be reused
  • Air cushions have been developed according to European guidelines on packaging & packaging waste: EN13427. They are environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, containing no hazardous substances or heavy metals. The print is water based ink and odour free. All inflated air cushions are suitable for re-use. To recycle the air cushions simply cut the bag to release the air and put in your recycling bin

For more information regarding the European Recycling Platform compliance initiative within the UK and how our packaging can be recycled, please see the below links:


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