How can I clean my makeup brushes?


Written by Billie Adams and Jessica Bako  

Cleaning your makeup brushes is something we all put off but we should be giving them a proper good clean once a month! Don’t worry, we have made an easy method for you makeup junkies below to help give them that new brush feel!

  1. Get those brushes wet!

Gently wet the brush with warm water, making sure to keep them facing down as holding then upright will let water into the barrel of the brush. It is important to try and keep the barrel and the handle of the brush dry to prevent any water damage. 


  1. Create a good lather on the bristles.

It is recommended to use a penny sized amount of shampoo or soap, this will help to keep them soft. You will want to lather them as much as they need but not too rough– just until the makeup starts coming out.


  1. Give them a good rinse.

Using warm water, rinse the fibres of all lather and makeup- continuing until the water runs clear and the brush has no lather left over. If you feel you need an deep cleanse, you can repeat step 2.


  1. Keep them in shape. 

You want to make sure that most of the water is out of the fibres, do this by gently giving the brush a squeeze. Once you have done this, reshape the brushes back into their original shapes.


  1. Let them dry. 

Now that the brushes are cleaned, you will want to let them air dry overnight- this is best down by laying them down making sure the actual brush is hanging over an edge for an even dry!


Now that your brushes are thoroughly cleaned and dry, you can use them to create your beautiful make up look!


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