What type of foundation am I meant to use?


Written by Billie Adams  

Depending on your skin type will determine what sort of foundation you use, there are many different types of foundations. Here is a list of the different types and what they are for:

  • Cream Foundation- this normally contains oil and has a thick texture. They provide a full coverage and are most suited for normal to dry skin types, anyone with oily skin should try and avoid cream foundations.
  • Pressed Powder Foundation- These are typically used again for topping up your foundation however, they are applied with a compact sponge which is brilliant for normal, oily and dry skin types.
  • Loose Powder Foundation- These are typically used for topping up during the day and are most suited for oily skin types.
  • Tinted moisturiser- This is not a foundation however, it will provide the skin with a tint. It will even out the skin tone and provide moisturise to the skin. These are fantastic for dry skin types and for using on holidays to give the skin a even complexion.
  • Spray Foundation- This type of foundation is brilliant for those days where your foundation has faded, it will instantly refresh your foundation and is best used on sensitive skin.
  • Mousse/Whipped Foundations- this will provide the skin with a light to medium coverage and works well on dry or mature skin types.
  • Stick Foundation- These come is a solid mass which is great for travelling, it will provide the skin with a matte finish and provides a full coverage. This is best suited for oily skin types,normal to dry skin should avoid these types of foundations, as they may leave the skin more dry and patchy.
  • Mineral Foundation- This type of foundation is made up of finely grounded minerals making this a nice option for those with sensitive skin types. 
  • Waterproof Foundation- This type of foundation is rarely used however, they are perfect for those hot summer days where you are sweating a lot. These can be used on all skin types however, oily complexions will need to find an oil free formula, whereas dry complexions may want to use a cream version to balance out their skin.
  • Cream to Powder Foundation/ Liquid to Powder Foundation- This types of foundations dry quickly and provides a medium to full coverage. These are best suited for normal to combination skin types.


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