How can I achieve beautiful brows?


Written by Billie Adams and Jessica Bako  

How can I achieve beautiful brows?

Eyebrows are becoming more of a key feature which helps to frame and define your face. Here are some quick tips to creating the perfect brows!

  • Brushing your brows: You will want to start by brushing your brows with a brow brush to reveal the true shape of your brows and any gaps that will need filling in.
  • Choosing a product: With your brows brushed you can see their natural shape, meaning that you can move onto choosing which product to use to fill them in, some of the products you can use for this are:

        - Pencil

        - Powder

        - Pomade

        - Mascara gel

        - Gel

  • Filling them in – If you have fuller untamed brows you could use a brow primer to begin with, then taking your selected product and begin the filling in process. Start at the front and work your way towards the end creating the shape you desire, using hair-like strokes to make them look as natural as possible.
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