There are so many different types of blusher, what is the difference?


Written by Billie Adams and Jessica Bako 

Whether you prefer cream, powder or liquid blushers, they all provide your cheeks with that rosy glow. This is all down to what texture you like however, your skin types does come into play if you want a flawless finish.

Cream Blush – The cream blush works well on dry skin types as not only will it hydrate your skin throughout the day, it will create a flawless glowing finish. Dryness can sometimes cause flaky skin, if powder is used it can sit on top of those flakes not giving the best possible result for your makeup. The best brush to use for any cream product application is a dense flat top brush.

Powder Blush – Powder is best for oily skin types as the powder will act as an absorbent for any oils that start to appear throughout the day. The best brush to use for powder products is a fluffy brush.

Liquid /Stain Blush- A liquid blusher will work well on all skin types but especially oily as they will not ‘melt away’. Liquid tends to last a lot longer than powder and cream blushers as these are mainly water based. 

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