Why would I use a coloured concealer?


Written by Billie Adams and Jessica Bako 

Using a coloured concealer may seem odd but this is a brilliant way to neutralise any unwanted tones in the skin. Below are some of the shades that you can use to cover certain tones:

  • Peach: Neutralises blue and purple.
  • Orange: Neutralises dark spots on darker skin.
  • Yellow: Neutralises purple or dark shadows on tanned/olive skin.
  • Green: Neutralises Redness.
  • Lavender: Neutralises yellow/sallow tones.

The Colour Theory –This is an easy and fun way to find out which colour you will need to hide your unwanted tones. By using a colour wheel you will be able to see which colours are opposite to each other, whichever colour is on the opposite side to the colour you’re looking at, will neutralise it!

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