I want to use a concealer, how do I apply this?


Written by Billie Adams and Jessica Bako 

A concealer is one of the best make up products you can use, why? Well due to the higher coverage it is fantastic for concealing blemishes or makeup mistakes, dark circles from those late nights and brightening up the eye area!

But when in my makeup routine would do I apply this? You would apply your concealer just before your foundation but after your primer, make sure your primer is dry first! There are many ways you can apply concealer however, it’s mostly down to personal preference and what works for you.

Here are some tips on how you can apply your concealer:

  • Beauty Sponge –One of the best method to apply concealer would be with a beauty sponge, by dampening your sponge then squeezing out the excess fluid, you will achieve a flawlessly finish by lightly patting the product into the skin until fully blended.
  • Fingertips – If you prefer a hands on approach, your fingertips are a good tool for blending cream concealers as they have a slightly thicker consistency. The warmth of your fingertips will melt the product providing easy blending.
  • Brush – You can use a brush with powder or cream concealers, the best brush for this is a tapered blending brush. This brush is ideal due to the fluffy fibres which will not leave brush strokes and gets into those little nooks and crannies under your eyes or around your nose.
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