What are the main skin types?


Written By Chloe Anderson

Everyone’s skin is unique in its own way, however there are 4 main common skin types that your skin will normally fall into:

  • Normal

Skin feels smooth, there are no signs of flaking or oiliness and looks ‘normal.’ Your complexion is the desire of all your friends. When deciding what the right skincare products are, look for lightweight formulas nothing too thick or drying, this will ensure to keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated all year round.

  • Oily

Skin looks shiny and may feel slick or oily to touch. Your skin maybe prone to the odd breakout due to excess oil, often leaving pores congested and clogged. However the good news is that oily skin looks younger and plumper because it has more natural moisture and is less prone to wrinkles. The right skincare products will need to balance the oil levels and this will help make the skin look smoother. For oily skin it is best to stick with gel and liquid formulas, avoid heavy emollient formulas.

  • Dry

Skin will feel tight and may have dry, flaky areas. Dry skin can be exacerbated by harsh environments or climate factors, which may lead to skin becoming even dryer. The right skincare regime will nourish skin, prevent excess moisture loss and aid repair of the skin’s natural critical barrier. Daily exfoliation with gentle ingredients will help improve skin cell turnover without removing natural oils. Moisturisers are key to prove the suitable nourishment, it is best to use lotions and creams to provide enough moisturise to your skin. Ideally steer clear of irritating products and ingredients.

  • Combination

Skin is a combination of all 3 skin type, your skin usually has an oily T-zone (chin, nose, and forehead) and is normal to dry everywhere else. Within the oily areas there may be visibly enlarged pores or blackheads and these areas maybe more prone to breakouts. However with the correct skin care regime to balance the oily areas and enough moisturise supplied to the dryer areas, your skin will have the correct products to create an even healthy complexion. Ideally target oily areas with gels and liquids and aid dry areas with light lotions.

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