How do I hide dark circles?


Written By Ghazal Pirzadeh

Most of us have at some point looked for ways and products to cover and hide dark circles. Some of us need more coverage than others whilst some of us want a highlighted look to make us look more awake.

When covering your dark circles take in consideration that they tend to be purple/blue or green/grey in the colour. To conceal your dark circles you will need to use a colour that will counteract the colour of the dark circles.

If you have fair complexion choose a light to medium peachy tone concealer.

If you have a medium complexion choose a medium peachy tone concealer.

If you have medium to deep complexion choose a more orange tone concealer.

When selecting the correct shade, bear in mind that the colour needs to be just a touch darker than your own complexion to ensure that the dark circles do not appear “ashy” compared to the rest of your face.

For the best results apply the concealer under your eye as a downward triangle. To ensure that this is properly blended in, use your everyday concealer and apply a thin layer on top of the peachy or orange concealer. Now use your ring finger or a brush to blend this into your skin. And watch those dark circles disappear.

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