What is a Chypre and Fougere?


Written By Billie Adams

The word Chypre comes from the French language meaning ‘The island of Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite; the goddess of love.’ The island has many different aromatic plants which feature in the Chypre scents which flourish on the island.

A Chypre is a scent that combines the notes of citrus, musk and patchouli - It is fresh and aromatic. A Chypre fragrance is a mossy, woody, warm dry and spice scented fragrance and it sits in the Woody note.

Fougere, the word coming the French language meaning ‘Fern and it’s a way to describe men’s scent’ which is usually made of sweet top notes such as the lavender flower, Oakmoss and Coumarin.  A Fougere fragrance is a masculine scent which is mainly for men, this is a fresh scented fragrance.

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