Where do I apply my fragrance?


Written By Billie Adams

Whether you are a ‘Splasher’ or a ‘Sprayer’ everyone has their own way of applying fragrance. Below are a list of the best areas to apply your fragrance:

  • Neckline
  • Knees
  • Collarbones
  • Wrists
  • Behind the ears

These areas are places where blood vessels are closest to the skin surface, there is extra heat at these points which then rises into the air and your fragrance will more likely be smelled and enjoyed by others.

If your fragrance is not a spray, shake a little of the fragrance onto your hand, rub your hands together and apply to the skin, gently rub in circular motions on the desired areas.

Once you have applied your fragrance to your pulse points, do not rub or touch the area as this can break down the molecules of the perfume or dampen the smell.

Many people also like to apply some fragrance to their hair, this latches onto the fibres making the fragrance last even longer. If you wish to apply some fragrance to your hair, simply mist this onto a comb/brush and run this through your hair.

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