What texture of foundation should I use?


Written By Ghazal Pirzadeh

Foundations nowadays come in a very varied range of textures. When selecting the texture of your foundation, your skin type will be a key factor and the desired look you’d like to achieve.

Liquid foundations come in a great range of finishes and coverages and are suitable for all skin types. When choosing your liquid foundation, select an oil free foundation if your skin is oily or a hydrating formula if your skin is dry. If you find that your skin is normal choose the foundation for the finish you would like to achieve. This can be applied by using various methods, such as a brush, your fingers or a sponge.

Cream foundations would be the most suitable texture for drier skin. Easy and quick to apply and is great for touch ups on the go. Usually comes with a sponge or you can use your favourite brush to apply this.

Powder foundations are mainly suitable for normal to oily skin. They are available in several finishes to achieve your preferred dewy or matte finish. This is best applied with a brush and are very buildable to create a full coverage when required.

Stick foundations will provide a fuller coverage and are suitable for more dry to normal skin. These are applied best using either a brush or a sponge.


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