What are the best ways to help with thinning hair?


Written By Sam Robinson

Preventing hair loss is a tricky business. There are many shampoos, serums and supplements on the market for this problem. 

For most guys a volumising shampoo will provide adequate thickening results. These shampoos work by building a structure within the hair shaft that plumps up the hair giving it a thicker appearance. You could also use a protein enriched shampoo, this will help lock in moisture and plump up the hair shaft giving a fuller looking hair style.

If you feel the thinning is down to environmental factors or a poor diet a hair supplement may be beneficial as it will boost the nutrients your body is lacking to help thicken your hair.

Serums can be used in conjunction with a thickening shampoo and will usually be applied straight on to the scalp, this will unblock your hair follicles, improve circulation and promote hair growth.

You will find various active ingredients in thickening products the most common are ‘stemoxydine’ and ‘minoxidil’, these ingredients will help with thinning hair. 

There are other medical treatments available from your doctor and these including ‘Finasteride’ and ‘Dutasteride’. 

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