How can I protect my hair and scalp from the sun?


Written By Sam Robinson

Sun protection for our hair and scalp is just as important as apply sunscreen to our bodies.

Protection for your Hair

Protecting your hair from the damaging sun rays is a key step to incorporate into your sunscreen ritual. Although we do not experience the same burning sensation on our hair, however our manes will still become damaged. This damage will also worsen when dipping in and out of the sea or pool, due to the drying effects of the salt and chlorine. Therefore ideally we need to protect our manes on a daily basis to prevent any damage to your hair. 

Protecting your hair is slightly different than protecting our bodies, so before you apply your sunscreen to your hair, there are a couple of non-greasy options to protect your locks. The first obvious solution to protecting your hair from sun damage is to wear a hat where possible. Some may find they can’t incorporate a hat in to their style however try shopping around and you may be surprised, the benefits to your hair will be worth the effort.

There are also various UVA and UVB products on the market to protect your hair. If you opt for a shampoo and are looking to go on holiday it is always best to start using it a couple of weeks prior to help build up a protective barrier. You will also find sprays and lotions that work the same as sunscreen does for your body but don't leave the hair looking greasy. It is always important to remember to re-apply these products regularly to provide a constant barrier from the sun.

Protection for your Scalp

Even though our hair is covering majority of our scalp, this doesn't mean we can skip on our sunscreen protection. Protecting our scalp from the suns rays is vital, this will prevent our scalp from becoming burnt, which can cause our scalp to become flaky, itchy and uncomfortable to brush. 

Protecting your scalp with a hat will provide great protection. However styling your hair so less of your scalp is visible will minimise the amount of direct sunlight to hit your scalp, this can be achieved with a ponytail or bun. Areas of your scalp that are visible ensure to apply sunscreen with a water-resistant formula to provide complete protection. 


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