How do I choose the most suitable styling product for me?


Written By Sam Robinson

With so many styling products on the market choosing one suitable for your style can be confusing.

Choosing the right product for you will come down to three main factors:

  • Hair type.
  • Hair style.
  • The finish you are looking for.

Firstly and most importantly your hair type will dictate the type of products you can use. If your hair is thin, you will need to avoid heavy clays and gels that will weigh your hair down and make it impossible to achieve any style, however if your hair tends to be greasy, using pomades and shiny waxes will exacerbate this problem leaving your hair a greasy mess.

The following list is the most suitable styling products for the four main hair types:

Thin hair - Sprays, light clays, mousses and powders.

Thick hair – Waxes, clays, mousses, gels, pomades and sprays.

Greasy hair – Matte pastes, sprays, powders, mousses and dry-look gels.

Dry hair – Gels, Pomades, waxes, mousses.

The next point to consider is the style you are trying to achieve. For this you should seek advice from your barber or hair stylist. They will be able to advise you on the most suitable combination of styling products you will need to achieve your look. If you are trying to achieve a classic pompadour, a soft product like a pomade would be the best choice to achieve this style. If you were trying to achieve a textured look, a matte clay would be more suitable.

The final thing to consider is the finish you would like. If your preferred style is a slicked back look a gel or pomade would be best to create a shine and slicked finish.

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