Do gel polishes damaged your nails?


Written By Billie Adams

Many people are unsure of the effects that gel polishes have on our nails, sure they look amazing and are instantly dry, but what is happening to your nails in the long run? Here are a few points to consider before you get your next set of gel nail polishes:

  • The affect on the nails health

         When your gel starts to peel this can cause water to be trapped under the gel which can lead to the              growth of bacteria and fungus . This may lead to problems with the nail and nail bed, so it is important          not to pick your gels. When your gels start to lift, leave it to the experts to remove these in the correct          manner. 

  • They weaken the nail bed 

        Unfortunately when you continuously apply gel polish to your nails, this can cause the nail to become             dehydrated and therefore weakening of the natural nail. Also from excess filing and removal of the gel           polish can lead to thinning out the nail plate. 

  • The removal process

        To remove gels correctly, your nails will be soaked in acetone which dehydrates the nails, then the gel           will need to be scrapped by you nail technician to remove each layer of gel. Unfortunately this also               weakens the nail bed even further. Using acetone frequently will make the nails become brittle and they         will be prone to peeling and breaking. 

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