My nails are 'weak, brittle or peeling,' what can I do for stop this?


Written By Billie Adams

So your nails are continuously weak and brittle and you feel like we will never have beautifully long, strong nails, fear not you can get there eventually! We have a few tips and tricks which will get you on your way to the nails you desire:

  • This would start with the way you are filing your nails, to see how you should be filing your nails correctly please read article How am I meant to file my nails?
  • Give your nails a hit of moisture with some coconut oil, because coconut oil solves most beauty problems!
  • Try taking Vitamin H (Biotin) part of the Vitamin B Complex group as a supplement which will help strengthen and aid growth of the nails.
  • Give your nails a lacquer of a nail strengthening treatment.
  • Keep your nails on the shorter side to prevent breakages and tears.
  • Drink lots and lots of water and watery fruit! This will help aid hydration from within.
  • Avoid exposure to cleaning products and alcohol-based hand sanitizer. These will just dehydrate the nails.
  • Wear gloves were possible, this maybe when washing dishes or submerging your hands in water. Gloves will prevent the nails from becoming soft which may lead to breakages.

Following these few tips will be a movement in the right direction to create the nails you have always dreamed of. 

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