I want to grow my nails, how can I achieve this?


Written By Billie Adams

We all want to achieve that lovely length that any polish looks amazing on however, how do we get there? Firstly, we need to stop bad habits such as nail biting and picking polish off the nails, this is not helping the growth of your nail and not to mention can make your nails look worse. 

Using your nails to peel labels, scraping and general picking items will damage the nail without you even realising. This can be resolved by using scissors or another tool to save your nails from becoming damaged. 

To ensure your nails are receiving the correct vitamins to grow, you will want to ensure your body has sufficient amount of:

  • Vitamin H (Biotin)

This will help aid nail growth and strength not only your nails but hair and skin. You can get this from mushrooms, bananas and avocado. If you feel you will not consume enough in your daily diet, using a Vitamin B Complex supplement will provide your body with your recommended daily intake (RDI) of Biotin. 

  • Vitamin C

This will help your immune system, which will in turn aid with nail growth. Vitamin C is found in oranges, strawberries and yellow bell peppers.

  • Vitamin A

This will generally help with your health and strengthening your body, therefore helping nails to become stronger. You can get this from cheese, eggs, oily fish and milk.

Ensuring you supply your body with the correct supplements, this can help to grow and strengthen your nails to help maintain your dream nails!


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