My polish is always chipping, how can I stop this?


Written By Billie Adams

We have all been there were we have give ourselves a pamper night and spent ages doing a lovely manicure, only to realise the next day it has chipped! Fear not, we have a few pointers which will help keep that manicure perfect for days:

  • Applying a ‘strong coat’ of nail polish:

         Using a polish which states it is a hard type of polish will ensure the manicure does not chip too early.            Also good quality polishes contain more pigments within their coloured nail polishes, creating a                      stronger coat. 

  • Applying polish to your nails when they are dry:

         Creams and lotions will create a barrier between the polish and the nail, this can cause the nail polish            to chip easier as there is less traction between your nail and the nail polish. 

  • Using a base coat:

         This will help adhere the polish to your nails, this will prevent the polish from going streaky and reduce          those unwanted “ridges”. Also this will help to avoid your natural nail from being stained. A base coat            preps the nail for the next layers of nail polish. 

  • Let the polish dry completely between coats:

         It is recommended to do at least 2-3 coats of polish, this allows the polish to harden and become                  tougher but also this helps prevent you messing up the previous layer! A good tip to know when each            layer is touch dry is to gently stroke your nail against your lip too feel if it is tack-free. Once the nail is          tack-free you are able to apply your next coat. 

  • Applying a top coat:

         This will leave a nice, smooth finish to the piece of art you have created! This will also help lock the              polish into place and prevent those unwanted chips. 

With all of this in mind, you will still need to take care when doing those dreaded chores after the manicure is complete, to ensure your pretty nails last longer!

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