How do I file my nails correctly?


Written By Billie Adams

Filing your nails the correct way will help stop splitting and weakening of the nail, if you are unsure of the ‘right way’ we have made a quick guide for you below:

  • The trick to filing your nails the right way is by doing fluid motions and not the ‘sawing’ motion (going back and forth). The fluid motions should be from side to center, this will prevent trauma to the nail and stop those ragged tips!
  • Once you have achieve your desired shape, you may notice that there are some ‘feathers’ (strands of nails underneath the nail after filing) on the end of the nail. You can remove these by simply using a flicking motion from under the nail with a nail file
  • The best type of file to use on your finger nails is 180/240 grit file, these are strong and will help remove length but not strong enough to ruin your natural nails! We would strongly advise not to use a metal nail file- these will ruin your natural nail as they are incredibly hard on the nails causing more damage than good
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